Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I didn't set  out to be a Farmchick. Really, I didn't. Somehow having horses all of my life and keeping chickens for the latter half has just been a reality for me, as opposed to a dream. Or, maybe I made those dreams come true with the help of my parents, then, and now my husband?

Chicken Whisperer?

There seems to be a great revival in the movement of local food, farming, and the ethical implications that come along with all of the above.

Egg Whisperer?

But we're not here to discuss that in detail today. Today, we're all about this Farm Chick Hat! Is it not the cutest thing you've seen?

Farmchick - the hat makes it!

As usual, since I'm late for almost everything, I got this hat about a month two months ago, but have not taken the time to write anything about it.

The point is, I've worn it, though, and it is such a nice fitting hat! The brim is solid, sturdy and thick - the cap material is soft yet holds shape well, and I LOVE the Velcro (why did spell-check just tell me to capitalize the V in velcro? Weird.) size adjustment!  And, since I am a Farm Chick Chit Chat Farmchick (say that three times fast?) and Hobby Hill Farm is the official outfitter of the Farmchicks, it is a perfect fit - literally and figuratively.

Aaand, one more pic of that cute hat!! I wear it a LOT!

This hat is embroidered by the good folks over at Hobby Hill Farm and for a short time, you can head on over to their website and by using the checkout code HOPE - you will receive 15% off of your purchase! Folks, click the link NOW and get your Farm Chick hat on!! They have all KINDS of farm-ware - check out their beautiful sweatshirts, too! I'm loving the colors.

And after you're done shopping, hop on over to check out Farm Chick Chit Chat - I'm quite sure you'll feel right at home there, I do! A while back, we started a project, which would sort of explain the plethora of photos above, here it is in all its glory:

"We are the Real Farmchicks of Farm Chick Chit Chat.  We are scattered from as far north as Maine to as far south as Texas, and from as far east as Virginia to as far west as California.  In September of 2012, we began to work together to bring the best of what we do into one convenient resource.  We have become close friends and truly value the friendship we also share with our readers.

We are hobby farmers, chicken keepers, gardeners, goat herders, canners, knitters, homesteaders, and DIYers. We raise cows, goats, rabbits, sheep, chickens, ducks and farm kids. We grow crops; we preserve and can; we bake and cook.  We home school, knit and crochet, build, re-purpose, and craft."
After you shop Hobby Hill Farm for your official Farmchick gear: Click here to read more....

**I would like to thank Hobby Hill Farm for allowing me the opportunity to review the Farm Chick Ball Cap. I was sent a sample product in order to allow me to evaluate its performance on my farm. *Disclosure: I did not receive additional compensation for writing this review. The review framework did not guarantee a positive review in exchange for the receipt of their product. This review contains both facts about the product and my opinion of its performance while being used at my farm.


Anonymous said...

Love the hat and that wonderful smile!!! =]

wtf-ery said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

You are truly "blooming" and I am so honored to be in your life to see it! Love you!

wtf-ery said...

Thanks, Shannon, I am grateful for your friendship.

Ree said...

Love the hat! Great pictures...you could be in a magazine! Velcro is capitalized because it's a brand name, just like Kleenex isn't the name of the product; it's the name of the brand of facial tissue.

(Now, you just knew if I saw this, I'd have to give you the schoolteacher answer!)

Unknown said...

Hi Sheila
Love that hat too, may have to bounce over and check out the link. Your photos are great, I love the 2nd one... Egg Whisperer, haha so cute.

Have a great day

wtf-ery said...

*blush* Thank you Ms. Ree! Farm life is good for the complexion. I see, now, why Velcro is capitalized - that makes sense - I didn't realize it when I was typing. I love the schoolteacher answer - I learn something from you weekly! I'm grateful for the opportunity.

wtf-ery said...

Jen, I hope you do - not because I would get compensation (I do not!) but because you might LOVE what they've got over there!

hee hee! Egg Whisperer!!

Unknown said...

Hi Sheila,
I tried to email you but your email is not on for comments so i though i would copy it here :)

Yes the photo's are from old town. How fun that you recognized the area. Chancie just turned 21, i'll be posting about that soon. We did have a good and busy weekend.

I would love to hear about where you used to live in Ca. I love where we are now but have been wanting to leave the state for many years...

Have a great day!