Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hope Farms ~where hope grows wild~

"Hope" is unilateral, universal, knows no boundaries and has no prejudice.  

  Hope "farms", so to speak, planting seeds, cultivating creativity, reconstituting lost dreams.  

Also, I have learned, it grows wild.

When we first bought our small-timey farm four years ago last week exactly, there were Wisteria, Honeysuckle and Morning Glory vines everywhere threatening to take over.  These plants, in the area where I grew up - Southern California - are purchased from big chain home improvement stores and here I was trying to clear them out!

It occurred to me that sometimes, when one hasn't got much in the way of possessions, or belongings even, that one always has hope.  Even if at one or many points in one's life its been trampled, damaged  or lost.  And, it also occurred to me that while you can prune away at things that grow wild, you can never completely eliminate them.  

This is how we came to name our farm.

Hope Farms
~where hope grows wild~

What does Hope mean to you?



Dear Friend...I just now found your site and wanted to say - I LOVE IT! How interesting you have made all topics! Best of luck to you and please know that there are MANY of us who support you 100 Percent!

wtf-ery said...

Thank you, Ms. Lois, you are near and dear to my heart always.