Thursday, June 13, 2013

Can't Write. Too Nice Out. Must Garden.

Meanwhile, dear readers, have a go at these photos. Will write soon, I promise.

Local Food

Fresh Milk

Goat Hoof Work

Not a day goes by, Sis. I miss you.
April 1975 - 2012

Pasture Princess

Good Times.

Good Morning!

Good Afternoon.

Good Eggs.

From our family to yours - we hope you are enjoying your summer! Find us on Facebook and "Like" us - it's a proverbial adventure from morning until night.


A Daughter of the King said...

At a thousand words apiece, that is a lot of writing! ~Blessings to you~

Unknown said...

Great pics!! Thanks for sharing. I love the Phyllis Diller quote about the fresh milk!! :D ~ Cheryl @ Pasture Deficit Disorder

Lesa said...

Looks beautiful, nice job on those goat hooves!

Anonymous said...
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wtf-ery said...

Aw, Becky, coming from a writer that is a compliment! Thank you <3

wtf-ery said...

Cheryl, great to have you visit - I need to get over to PDD and visit. Can't you hear Diller's voice as she says it?! Too funny.

wtf-ery said...

Thanks, Lesa, it has taken a couple months, and we've still got a ways to go - but I can imagine Maybelle is MUCH more comfortable! :)