Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I know why they call it spring

Aside from all the buds on the trees and other flora & fauna springing forth, it is also called spring because that's what you need on the bottom of your boots to keep up!  Lots going on here, just a quick note to say we have not forgotten about our blog; we've just been keeping calm and carrying on.

Here's a few photographs to ease the distance between posts;

 A daily activity here - hanging clothes on the line.
 It is almost Easter, so very fitting to collect eggs in an easter basket!
 Shades of Blue (a splash Blue Orpington)
 A sweet companion
 Hello Mr. Spencer!
 Sam is still a bit camera shy - even after almost two years.
 Any day is a good day when a mother turns to see this....


Kathiey said...

Love your pictures. Thanks for your post:-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful site with great photo's and thoughts from a strong loving heart!